Dream Wedding vs Budget Wedding: 5 Things to Consider

Are you on Pinterest?  Oh my word!! –Yes, I am about to become overly dramatic!   I love, LOve, LOVE!!!  Wasting Moi’s time on that site!



What do I love? EVERYTHING!! I am pretty sure, we can all agree, the best of the best of creative ideas is seen and shared on Pinterest.  Whenever I need some inspiration with family organization, DIY projects, decor inspired ideas, I go to Pinterest.  Yes, even for wedding design ideas.  No not to copy, to be inspired.  SSHHHH! Hush now, there is a difference.

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Source: Pinterest

I get lost in all the gorgeous pictures.  I basically pin just about everything I see.  Do you know what I am talking about?  It’s like a drug, you can’t stop at just one pin.   It’s as if you can see the possibilities in everything.  Suddenly, I am overwhelmed with wanting a gorgeous home, a happy life and knockout wardrobe and I am ready to conquer my dream life.  And then reality sits in.  I look at my bank account and it says….”No honey, not today!”

When this happens, I am crushed and I give up a little. And I do mean a little.  I don’t give up easily.  Well, this happens a lot with the brides I meet who are planning their weddings.  They are taken over by all the gorgeous pictures and ideas that are online and suddenly they want it all.  Until they see the price tag.

Well, you are gonna get use to me!  I am going to shoot from the hip and tell it like it is.  You can’t have everything you see.  I know, I know!  And I understand, but, let’s face it weddings are expensive!  Earlier this week, I talked about how to create a budget.  If you haven’t created a budget, now is the time to do so.  It’s okay go ahead….we’ll wait here for you.

Great now that we are all on the same page, let’s talk about your expectations vs your budget. Uh-oh!!  Yes, I am going to push a few buttons here.  I mean no harm.  What is it that they say, “The truth will set you free”?  Free to make sound decisions and enter into a marriage debt free. Well, at least from the wedding anyway.

File Jun 27, 8 23 31 PM

So let’s talk about it — Your dream wedding vs your budget.  Here are five things I’d like to share with you to help you stay in line with reality and your budget.

1.  Manage your expectations.  Pinterest is great tool to spur inspiration.  In fact, I love it.  However, often times the pictures that you see are not always what you are going to get.  They, the pictures on Pinterest, have been altered with a filter, staged to help promote the work of the florist, planner, photographer or even the venue. Take in consideration that amount of flowers used in a picture to make it standout and capture the attention of dreamy-doe-eyed bride is usually in the price range of thousands of dollars.  Therefore, it may be outside of your budget to have a garden themed wedding with an alter adorned with nothing but flowers.

2. Focus on what is important. Have you read my recent post, Where to begin with your Budget? I mentioned to begin, you should create a list of your “must haves” in your wedding.  This list is what is going to help you stay focused and within your budget.  This  list of “must haves” is the absolute knock-down and drag-out important elements you are willing to spend money on for your wedding day.  Once you have created your list, stick to it!  This list is the direction you want to stay in.  This is where I advise my brides to stick to the list when you are on Pinterest.  Once you have Pinned a few inspirational ideas for your must haves, get off of and stay off of Pinterest.  There is no need to confuse yourself with more ideas. Remember you created the list to match your budget. I cannot express it enough.  Let me say it again, “Stick to your ideas and stick to your list”.

Think of it this way, it’s like going grocery shopping without a list.  When you don’t bring it with you, you’re going on a tangent buying spree and before you know it you have a cart full of junk and you are way over your grocery budget.   Same principle applies for your wedding.  Junk equals unhealthy lifestyle.  In this case debt.  Heed the warning! I love you too much to see you hurt yourself and your marriage before you even begin.  So, make a list and stick with it!

3. Time of season.  Stick with flowers that are in season.  You will absolutely, all hands down, save money when you purchase flowers that are in the same season as your wedding.  If your wedding is in the fall and you absolutely need to have peonies in your arrangements (which by the way, are only available in late spring), you are going to pay more to have them shipped in from another country.  My advise?  If you are a DIY bride research what flowers are available in your region during the season of your wedding. If you are having a florist create your arrangements, be specific by asking your florist to choose flowers in season.

4. Take advantage of lighting.  Using Pin spot lighting and candles make a great option to add ambiance and change a room’s view.  Bringing in light to your venue most certainly will add to the romantic feel you may be seeking.  It is a great addition when flowers are not an option.  If your venue does not allow for real flame candles, the LED candles work just as well.  You can also rent LED Pin spot lighting.  Make sure you ask the rental company if they provide color gels to match your color scheme. Or you can DIY the lighting project your self by purchasing inexpensive stage showcase. I suggest experimenting prior to your wedding in an area that matches the colors of the walls in your venue.  Here is a link from my affiliate of a staging spot light that has been used for various events. https://goo.gl/XDySDt.  If you want color like purple or pink you will have to blend two light colors in an area you are attempting to spot light.  Whether you doing it yourself or hiring a company to do it for you, lighting is a valuable tool to use as a decor impression.

5. Work with your vendors.  I can’t express this enough!  Vendors should be able to offer advice on their services that will save you money.  This doesn’t mean they will give away the farm. They do need make money to pay for bills and so on.  Remember this is their job and they can’t give everything away at discount prices.  Still, they should be able to offer solutions that will keep you within your budget and the vision of your design.  Yes there are some snaky vendors that will try to up-sale you.  Before you say yes, always ask, “will it cost extra?” Don’t fall for it hook line and sinker and stick to the list.  Most vendors want to work with you and save you money.  So tell them how much you are willing to spend and from there, work out what options are available to you to take advantage of.

What method do you use to keep yourself in reality with your budget?  Comment below or send me a private message on Facebook or email.

Pictures source from Pinterest.


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