How To Avoid The Wrong Flower Colors At Your Wedding


Your wedding day is suppose to be perfect! After all it’s the day you have dreamed of and have planned for months if not years.

Everything is in place and perfect until you get your flowers. They are gorgeous but, a big UH-OH!! They are the wrong color.  You ordered plum and you received maroon.  What went wrong?

SI Wedding - Wrong Colors
Clearly, I got something wrong with the color! Yuck! Worst and embarrassing mistake EVER!!

Well okay, Uh — You know me, I like to just get to the point and tell it like it is, so let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Soooo the easiest reason why your flowers are the wrong colors?  Well, your plum, the florist plum and the distributors plum and the image sample you sent over to the florist via the computer or text message are four  different colors.

See here is what I mean (Image below).

Different Plum Colors
Truly four different variations of Plum

Now, this mistake doesn’t happen often. when it does, it is an earth shattering!  It is for me, as a floral designer.  High levels of pessimism comes in and sets up residence in my mind.   I go through every level of woe is me and depression to the point of almost wanting to give up.  Let me tell you, it is not a pretty sight seeing a talented and once confident floral designer shrink to almost nothing.

There are ways to avoid this. So getting to the point (or back to it), here are tips for not only the bride planning her perfect wedding, but also the florist or other vendors.

State your color. Start with stating what the color of your dress is.  Yes, I know I just said your color, as the bride is not going to be the same as anyone else’s.  That’s okay.  Keep reading.

Keep it simple.  When stating your color keep it simple.  Do not say, “It’s David Bridals Plum” or just say plum.  Here is why?

Plums may be the same fruit, but created without equal coloring.

Consider this,  take a trip to the grocery store, look at the colors of plums. There are several variations of the color of plum.  And so it is for each vendor and designer.  Telling a very busy florist that your dominant color is David’s Plum is great! (sorry, the explanation point is for seriousness, I am not yelling at you). Unless they have a color swatch of David bridal’s gowns to refer to, they will most likely still get it wrong.  Sure they can look it up online, but remember not each computer screen is configured the same. This leaves room for error.  So this, brings me to the next tip.

Bring and give your florist a color Swatch.  Okay, a very seasoned florist may get thecolor swatch colors right.  However, with all the different variations of color constantly changing in the fashion world do you actually want to take a chance?   My best suggestion is to obtain a fabric color swatch from the store you purchased your bridesmaids dresses from.  In some cases the color swatches may cost you a small fee. Depending on where you purchase your bridesmaid dresses from, you won’t be breaking the bank for the swatches.  They range from $1.00 to $5.00.  David’s bridal has them for a $1.00.  It’s a well worth it investment.  I suggest getting enough swatches for all of your vendors that are providing you with decorations that has the color of your weddings in it.

If you are not able to obtain a color swatch ask your vendor. This is my favorite option.

Vendor Swatches.  Besides being my favorite option, it is practically fail safe. Ask your vendor if they have color swatches for you to refer to.  As a design professional, I absolutely feel every vendor should have at least one  of these fabric samples.

If you are an up and coming wedding design professional, you can get them at my affiliate link for just $2.00 for 3 pieces (click here:  It’s bargain and well worth it.  I recently started work with several different swatches, but for the budget conscience start up, this is a perfect option.  The idea is to get the closest color to the dresses and the flowers (in my case)

For the vendors, take the color swatches with you to your floral or linen distributor match the colors to as close as possible.

NOTE: fabric colors are an imitation of nature.  Nature changes its mind all the time. So the color swatches help to get as close as possible.  Not an exact match.

For the brides: if your vendor doesn’t have a color swatch don’t worry!  You  can order your swatches online.  Simply put the swatch in the mail if you live far away or bring them in personally.

Vendors:  The cost of the swatches can be written off as a business expense on your taxes.  Honestly, the cost is so small that it can be part of the quote.  This works perfectly if they tell you the store and color of the dress.  As I mentioned David’s Bridal has color swatches  for you to order and they only cost $1.00 or $500 for six swatches.

Now that you are ready with how to insure the perfect colors for your flowers or linens, wedding planning can resume. You will avoid being disappointed and your vendor when they receive the pictures will not be crushed into shame, wallow in self-doubt and nearly give up their passion.  Yes that last part was me being overly dramatic! I do that from time to time…it must be the actor in me.  😉



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