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Emergency Bouquet

We had an event, a wedding to be exact, were everything was going perfectly…that is until the bridal bouquet was destroyed by an uninvited guest.  The bride, naturally went into full blown panic and cried seeing her flowers smashed on the floor.  I don’t blame her, I think I would have gone into a full blown toddler melt down. I think I almost did since her original blooms had to be special ordered and it took quite a bit of work to get it just right, only to see the destroyed in seconds.

At first, it appeared there was nothing I could do. We had used all the flowers for her reception designs, I only had a few stragglers. Not enough to make a bouquet.   The only thing salvageable was the ribbon.  I quickly order three of my best designers to go on a hunt for similar flowers and colors as the original.  I left to go on the hunt as well.  We had two hours to make it happen and it being Saturday during the busy shopping hours, in the center of town and shore traffic…we had a real challenge on our hands.

We manage to find purple vendela roses, lavender stock, thyme and Alstromeria…the theme was suppose to be vintage purple.  I wanted to cry because we had so much in the other bouquet, I can only hope the photographer took a picture of it before it was destroyed.

Anyway, here is what I came up with, a half hour before she had to walk down the aisle.  I wish I could say, I am happy with the turn out.  I am not…but given the circumstances, it will do.  I guess, the only thing that matters is that the bride was happy.  Well..she was grateful, given the circumstances.


After returning home, I had a few left overs…I made my own arrangement and placed them in a vintage amber vase.  I think this is my favorite arrangement of the day!   Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy, I was using my phone and it was dark inside due to it being a rainy day.


vintage purple
Purple Antiqued Arrangement in an Amber Vase.

Summer Birthday

Earlier this week my husband celebrated his 45th birthday…I want to do something special for him, however, not knowing if he was going to be working the day of his birthday or not (which he wasn’t) I had not planned a grand affair with his friends and other family members.  Instead, I kept it simple and intimate.  In fact, we didn’t celebrate until the day after.

It just so happens, I have been working on sprucing up our deck (coming up in a future post) to make it worthy of sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.  I wasn’t quite finished with the project, so I decided to  create two  arrangements to add a bit of color to our deck and dinner table.  Here is sample of the outcome…I am glad he appreciated it.


The colors and flowers I was working with!
The colors and flowers I was working with!
birthday flowers and retro chair
Summer Arrangement with Retro Chair from the ’50’s I refinished.

birthday flowers and mini cupcake holder