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Music Inspired Wedding With a Vintage Twist.

How can it be that I haven’t shared anything with a vintage twist in a while.

I know right!? With it being my “thing”! I can’t believe I’ve let so much time go by.

Well, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?!

Here it is folks! Today’s decor impressions are the not so run of the mills inspired vintage twist.

This is my favorite because they go beyond tea cups and mason jars and they included one common theme. Music!!

Hmmm, why didn’t I think of these for my own wedding!?

Well anyways, I hope your mind is tickled into thinking a little outside the mason jars, I mean the box.

Would you like to see more?  Check out these pins and more at:

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What’s your favorite?  I love the french horn and the old Phonograph player.