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12 Best Amazon Prime Day Basic DIY Wedding Floral Tools

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Martha Stewart Living, Photography by Jen Causey, Saipua 

Hey it’s Amazon’s Prime Day!  Since this only last for 24 hours, I am gonna keep this short and sweet! 

Here are my 10 favorite Amazon Prime items that we often use to put together wedding arrangements.  If you are looking for other great ideas and/or items, here is a list of Wedding Accessories that can come in handy.

(Note: The links provided are from my Amazon Associate Links. I might be paid for what is purchased.)

1. The Wedding planning binder from the Knot.  Provides every necessary detail to plan your wedding, along with handy tips and a budget tracker. Click on picture for link!

2. Floral Wire, Tape, Wire Cutter and Pins.  These tools are the basics for making bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. Click on picture for link.

3. Six standard floral wet foam packs.  Unless you are creating a loose stem arrangement this is perfect for centerpieces.  It is wet foam and can only be used one. Click on picture for link.

4. Corsage, Boutonniere and bouquet pins. Self explanatory., but these are necessary to pin boutonnieres and corsages to clothing.  They are also great for holding the ribbon in place on bouquets. Click on picture for link.

5. Bouquet holder. These are a great tool to use for classic bouquets where the bride doesn’t want to hold stems.  They are also popular for cascading bouquets. Click on picture for link.

6. Not prime, but an amazing bargain for 5×5 cube glass vase.  Perfect for centerpieces.  This 5×5 clear glass cube is flexible enough to where you can have loose stems or use an Oasis wet foam. Click on picture for link.

7. Floral Tubes.  These tubes would be used in the case of having blooms, such as hydrangeas, that need to be constantly hydrated. Click on picture for link.

8. Wedding Wristlet. The perfect solution to create a corsage wristlet.  It offers a flexible stretch wrist band that you decorate with ribbon or leave as is. Click Picture for link.

9. Crowning Glory.  There are some blossoms that once cut will begin to quickly wilt.  Crowning Glory helps to seal in the moisture so the flowers can keep their freshness locked in for longer. Click on picture for link

10. Floralife fresh cut flower food. For stems that can remain in water.  This powder mixed with water will keep the flowers fresh for longer. Click on picture for link

11.  Sharp floral Knife. A necessary tools for helping to strip and cut stems.  Click on picture for link

12. Pruning Scissors. Perfect for when a floral stem is to thick to cut with regular scissors or a floral knife. Click on picture for link

Whether you are DIY Bride or a Newbie floral designer these basic tools are just about all you need to get started.  every you will need.  Of course there are other quick tools we use, but for now, this should get you started.  If you have anymore questions, let me know.  I am here to help.