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Summer Birthday

Earlier this week my husband celebrated his 45th birthday…I want to do something special for him, however, not knowing if he was going to be working the day of his birthday or not (which he wasn’t) I had not planned a grand affair with his friends and other family members.  Instead, I kept it simple and intimate.  In fact, we didn’t celebrate until the day after.

It just so happens, I have been working on sprucing up our deck (coming up in a future post) to make it worthy of sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.  I wasn’t quite finished with the project, so I decided to  create two  arrangements to add a bit of color to our deck and dinner table.  Here is sample of the outcome…I am glad he appreciated it.


The colors and flowers I was working with!
The colors and flowers I was working with!
birthday flowers and retro chair
Summer Arrangement with Retro Chair from the ’50’s I refinished.

birthday flowers and mini cupcake holder